Lessons Learned from Years with Funds

The State of Animal Cruelty and Ignorance to It The..

Lessons Learned from Years with Funds

The State of Animal Cruelty and Ignorance to It

The world is becoming increasingly inhuman in its conduct. You will see many examples of how people hurt themselves, their spouses, children and everyone else around them. With time, people tend to get less affected by what they hear, till it sounds normal. You will see then so many people who do not mind what is happening all around them. We need to make a change to all this.

Children are growing to accept this status quo. They too are getting more and more comfortable with random acts of violence. Nobody gets too concerned when something tragic happens to a neighbor. Even if it is children suffering when we see the news, we tend to quickly brush it off, since it is not our children anyway.

All the time we see these happenings and do nothing makes us even more tolerant to the sheer magnitude of evil acts being committed, that we are supposed to stop. There never misses an account of how people are being trafficked into slavery, yet we are not moved by this. When it comes to the issue of animal cruelty, we are found already ignorant of suffering to care much about it. You will thus see so many instances of such reports, but so little output from all that effort. This can be seen when animals are used as testing mules for so many experiments and trials, most of them simply too cruel. The meat industry also fails to handle these animals humanely.

There are so many cases of people behaving violently towards the animals they see on a daily basis. It is hard for someone with a pet to imagine such cruelty being meted on such lovely creatures. It is, however, the reality of so many animals out there.

The suffering of these animals highlights the extent of the damage ignorance of the facts at hand has reached. The strong are oppressing the weak more and more. This is why someone would be comfortable with hurting a pet that only wants to be loved. Pets are dependent on people for their survival. They pose no threat to their wellbeing. This means we need to amend the way we treat these animals.

People need to rise up and do something about such acts. There exist so many animals under oppression that need someone to advocate for them. The least people can do is to acknowledge that there is a problem. We need to stop accepting the evil committed against out neighbor. It is important that when we see advertisements of animals suffering, that we do not leave it at that. We need to join in the efforts of organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States. It is trying to make people see hat s going on. When you support them, it goes a long way.